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What to expect for your visit during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak

We are a health care provider. The health of our patients, our staff, and our community is our primary concern. Therefore, during the COVID-19 outbreak we will be implementing several measures to keep our clinic, patients, and fellow Albertans safe. We thank everyone in advance for their understanding of why these measures are necessary, and for their patience as we implement them into our day to day business practices.

Health Screening

We will ask you several health screening questions in advance of your appointment. These questions will be asked verbally, in writing, or by text message. They may be asked on several occasions – at appointment booking and at clinic arrival. It is essential that these questions be answered accurately and truthfully.
Upon arrival, patients will be required to submit to a non-contact temperature reading
Individuals that demonstrate symptoms consistent with COVID-19 before or during their visit will be asked to reschedule and offered a telehealth visit as a safer alternative.
Individuals that do not successfully pass, or submit to health screening procedures will be asked to reschedule and offered a telehealth visit, if needed.

Social distancing

Appointment times will be spaced apart to minimize patient overlap within the clinic. Accommodations will be made for families.
In rare instances where there are multiple patients present in the office, we ask that social distancing be maintained as much as possible.
If the number patients present in the clinic will not permit safe social distancing, we may ask you to wait in your car until we are ready to see you.
We have marked a social distancing flow on the floor in the waiting room, please follow the path as indicated – we will help you.
We request that everyone maintain a 6 foot / 2 meter distance from others, when the circumstance allow for it.
Glasses and contacts may be picked up at curb-side. Please contact us to arrange a pickup time.
Contact lens orders can be shipped directly to patients free of charge.


Staff will wear additional personal protective equipment, including gloves, masks, and face shields (when available).
Some equipment will have additional guards as necessary to protect both patients and staff.
All patients and visitors, except those under the age of two or those who have health limitations (i.e., severe asthma, COPD), will be asked and required to wear a mask to their appointment. Masks must cover both the mouth and nose for the duration of their visit. If patients do not have a mask, they will be provided with one before entering. Additional charges may apply.

Cleaning and Sterilizing

All examination, lab equipment, and surfaces will be sanitized with AHS approved disinfectants immediately before and between patients.
Staff will be required to immediately wash their hands upon entering the office. They will also be required to wash/sterilize their hands before and after touching their face, using the washroom, and before and after interacting with patients.
Bathrooms will be sanitized in between each user.
Frames that are tried on will be sanitized before being displayed again.
Floors will be swept or vacuumed, and mopped clean at the end of the day.
We request that patients use the provided soap, water, and sanitizers to maintain a hygienic, safe environment.



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