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6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Contact Lenses

Have you recently found out that you need corrective lenses and can’t decide between glasses or contacts?

Or are you a lifelong glasses wearer looking for a change?

It may seem like a simple decision to make but it’s one best made with the right information. Keep reading to learn more about what contact lenses are and the reasons why you should consider wearing them.

And then don’t forget to book an appointment with your optometrist to ensure you get the best product and fit for your eyes and lifestyle!

What Are Contact Lenses?

A contact lens is a form of corrective eyewear that serves as an alternative to glasses. It is a thin, curved lens that is placed directly onto the surface of your eye and corrects your vision.

There are different types of contact lenses you can choose from including:

  • Soft contact lenses are flexible and allow oxygen to reach your cornea, making them more comfortable to wear.
  • Rigid gas-permeable (GP) contact lenses are more durable and provide better visual acuity but they are not as comfortable as soft lenses.
  • Extended wear contacts are designed to be worn overnight for 6-10 nights in a row before they have to be changed.

Most lenses are disposable lenses that must be replaced every day, every week, or every month depending on the style you choose.

If you have never worn contacts before, soft contact lenses are a good option due to their flexibility and increased comfort.

Speaking to a licensed optometrist will help you determine which contact lenses are best suited for you and your lifestyle.

Reasons You Should Get Contact Lenses

Smiling woman holding contact eye lenses and container in hand

1. Contacts Are Comfortable

Contacts are comfortable and highly beneficial to those who live active lifestyles.

If you are into sports or exercising, contact lenses are ideal compared to glasses since they will not slip around on your face or become damaged as easily.

Contacts are also great for every life and work. Imagine not having to slide your glasses back up the bridge of your nose every time you tilt your head!

2. Contacts Are Great For All Weather Conditions

Glasses are notorious for fogging up, as many wearers realized while wearing masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Yet, simply stepping outside on a humid day or into a heated room on a cold day can cause your glasses to fog and impair your vision.

Contact lenses will not fog up nor will they become covered by water droplets on a rainy day.

In all kinds of inclement weather, contact lenses will ensure that you never lose your vision.

Plus, if you wear sunglasses in the summertime, you won’t have to switch between prescription frames. 

3. Contacts Are Affordable

Even if you opt for disposable contacts, the overall cost is more affordable compared to wearing glasses.

Glasses can be expensive and it’s likely you are going to want to have more than one pair. However, what do you do if the lenses get scratched? Or you lose them?

Contact lenses are more durable and easier to replace, making them a more cost-effective vision solution.

4. Contacts Are Easy to Take Care Of

Contacts require less care and maintenance than glasses.

Your glasses are likely to become dirty more often due to oily skin, dirt, and debris. They can also smudge quite easily, causing you to clean the lenses frequently throughout the day.

Contacts, on the other hand, are placed in a case with solution each time you take them out – effectively cleaning them after every use!

5. Contacts Give You a Full Field of Vision

When you wear glasses, they sit on your nose about half an inch away from your eyes, causing you to have poor to no peripheral vision.

Contact lenses sit on the surface of your eye, eliminating the gap created by glasses. When you wear contacts and move your eyeballs, you end up with a full field of vision which is especially helpful when it comes to driving.

6. Contacts Have No Glare

Speaking of driving, have you ever been blinded by the sun’s glare bouncing off your glasses? This can create dangerous situations in which your vision is temporarily impaired.

Contact lenses, however, do not create any glare or reflections when it comes to sunlight. The lenses sit on your eyes, not in front of them, making them perfect for driving or for outdoor activities in any type of light.

Find the Right Contact Lenses for You!

To get started on wearing the best contact lenses for your eyes and your lifestyle, get in touch with our expert optometrist today!

At The Eye Clinic, we offer contact lens exams and fittings as well as a variety of reputable brands.

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