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5 Effective Recovery Tips For Lasik Surgery

Lasik surgery is a surgical procedure on the eyes to correct a patient’s vision. It is easy to recover from Lasik surgery, and there are things you can do make your recovery even faster and smoother. Here are a few suggestions to help you maximise your recovery efforts and minimize discomfort.

  1. Protect Your Eyes

    This might seem obvious, but you can unknowingly do much harm to your eyes. Lasik surgery can cause some itching and discomfort and while the natural temptation is to rub them, you should avoid this as much as you can. Wearing eye protection would be a good idea in this situation. Your doctor will provide you with protective eyewear; you can also wear goggles while in the shower.

  2. Use Prescribed Medication

    Stick to whatever medication the doctor prescribes. If you are suffering unexpected side effects, let your doctor know. Otherwise stick to the dosage and schedule to give yourself the best possible recovery.

  3. Rest and Take Things Easy

    Get a lot of rest and avoid heavy work and rigorous activities, including sports. Avoid any situation that can cause you to accidentally hit your eyes. Go about your daily routine slowly, and ease back into the groove of things. Take a day off if you have to, and—in any case—make sure you get adequate rest.

  4. Take Baths Instead of Showers

    You are better able to control what happens to your eyes while taking a bath than in the shower. Keep your head above the water and avoid pouring any water over your head. Avoid getting soap and shampoo in your eyes at all costs.

  5. Follow Up with Your Doctor

    Follow up with your doctor. Follow ups usually take place one or two days after surgery, and this is a great chance for you to ask questions. Don’t drive yourself to the appointment, have a friend or relative drive you instead. Alternatively you can use public transportation to get to the doctor’s office.

  6. Recovering from Lasik surgery doesn’t have to be a difficult and painful process. Avoid touching your eyes and exposing them to situations where they can accidentally be hit. Get plenty of rest and take the medication prescribed by your doctor. Most importantly, follow up with your doctor and ask lots of questions. If you are considering Lasik eye surgery then book an appointment for a free consultation.

Dr. Harpal Grewal

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